Concierge Cosmetics

We are excited to come to your house, place of business or you may use our location for your event. Receive 50 units of Botox free when you recruit five friends to be treated at your event. 

Share or keep the units for yourself, or receive a $250 credit towards an injectable treatment of your choice.

* Minimum of five patients required excluding the host.  




What to expect: The Med 1 Beauty Experience

  • Logistics: A host, or multiple hosts are determined and will be the lead contact for communication leading up to your event date. A member of our lifestyle team will contact all hosts and send everything you will need in a detailed email. Our host intake form will be completed and the date, start time time will be official. Med 1 will provide a “save the date” invite for you in multiple formats to send to your guests. We will also provide the host with a complete service and price list ahead of time.

  • Defining your goals: Each attendee will receive a patient folder upon arrival. Inside are general confidential patient forms, a cosmetic interest questionnaire (CIQ) to help give Dr. Tromble a better understanding of your goals, and post treatment care guidelines. You will also be given additional materials about Med 1, our contact information, and privacy policies.

  • Consult: Your aesthetic specialist will conduct a thorough assessment of the your unique facial structure; characteristics such as underlying bone and musculature, shape, proportion, and features including folds, wrinkles, fine lines, volume deficits and changes in pigmentation.

  • Devising a therapeutic plan: A treatment plan will be recommended based on individual patient concerns coupled with the physicians’ skin assessment. Using our best medical advice, technique, safety and experience, we will help you to achieve realistic and beautiful results. We want to partner with you to formulate a regimen of treatments that will reach or exceed your expectations.

  • Procedures: Confidential digital photographs will be taken of each patient's full face and profile. Informed consent will be provided for each client. Appropriate corrective options and cost will be discussed in detail, highlighting the risks, side effects, logistics and anticipated outcomes of each. Your privacy is always considered and we thoroughly comply with HIPAA guidelines.

  • Delivering the treatment plan: Our comprehensive assessment of each patient's face allows the physician to deliver a custom injectable experience. We chart exactly what we inject, record lot numbers of each product and log injection sites and amounts of each insertion point. Your invoice will be based on the number of units or syringes you consented to before the procedure starts.

  • Achieving your best VIP aesthetic experience: Our advice and testimony is to be kind to yourself and realistic in your expectation. The results we deliver are intentionally subtle and natural. Facial restoration is like other art forms, it is created with intention. We welcome follow up assessments and hope to partner with you as you age beautifully and continually maintain your rejuvenation goals.

  • Beyond the Med 1 Event: Injectable services are an effective strategy to impact skin vitality and enhance appearance. Maintaining your healthy skin is an extremely important component for optimal health and beauty and skin rejuvenation involves a comprehensive approach. There are a variety of services that can be offered to complement your evening with Med1 Aesthetics and enhance your injectable services and experience. There are also no restrictions on how many times you can host an event. Please contact us for more information or fill out the form below if you are interested in hosting your Med 1 Experience.

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